A particular feature of the firm is that it has developed and consolidated its experience by working not just with small and medium-sized businesses but also with international groups, both French and foreign operating within the following sectors: Industry (paper, paperboard, packaging, pharmacy, mechanic, electro-mechanic, measure instruments, food, medical instruments, new technologies, etc…), finance, real estate, trading, distribution, insurance and Reinsurance, cosmetics, fashion, art trading.

Highly specialised in all fields of business life, MMV-AVOCATS accompanies its clients throughout the life of their company in a personalised relationship of trust, using its multiple complementary competencies.

MMV-AVOCATS offers a complete range of legal services and operates within the following fields of activity :



Incorporation and continuing legal support for companies:
MMV-AVOCATS assists its French and foreign clients throughout the preparations for the creation and incorporation of their companies, advising them on the best legal form bearing in mind their future development potential.

MMV-AVOCATS draws up articles of association and other documents necessary for forming a company, and provides ongoing support until the company is finally registered.

MMV-AVOCATS assists its clients during the whole life of the Company, and specially at the following circumstances:

• share capital increases and / or decreases;
• modification of Company name;
• appointment of CIO, Managing Directors and Directors of the Board;
• delegations of powers;
• transfer of head office;
• opening and winding up of offices;
• dissolution, liquidation,
• approval of the annual accounts, etc…

As part of this service, MMV-AVOCATS provides a full legal secretarial service for holding assemblies and board meetings and takes charge on behalf of clients of all the legal formalities these entail.

MMV-AVOCATS provides legal and tax solutions for company directors, taking account of the features specific to each new project.

Group reorganisation/restructuring:
MMV-AVOCATS also helps clients to prepare and implement reorganisations/legal and statutory restructurings of their company or the Group they belong to, such as:

• mergers
• scission
• partial business transfer
• any other transfer of business operations

Acquisitions, transfers, joint venture:
In line with clients’ needs, MMV-AVOCATS accompanies French and foreign companies throughout all stages of acquisitions, transfers and partnerships, assisting them with:

• legal audits and with negotiating and drawing up preparatory contracts (letters of intent, agreements to buy or sell, memorandums of understanding, drawing up corporate documents such as merger, capital raising and scission agreements, etc.), drawing up and negotiating partnership agreements (joint ventures, shareholders’ agreements, post-restructuring support for clients);
• negotiating and drawing up all documents concerning the acquisition of securities, assets or goodwill (acquisition contracts, declarations and guarantees, etc.), assistance with audits of targets, analysis of transaction risks and challenges, negotiations and execution of operations to closure, accompanying clients in the post-acquisition integration process

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MMV-AVOCATS provides personalised assistance to its clients on employment and social law, giving advice and intervening in litigation.

MMV-AVOCATS has developed practices specific to the problems experienced by its clients in these areas.

MMV-AVOCATS also calls upon the expertise of contacts abroad regarding matters of social security and employment law where international situations are concerned.

MMV-AVOCATS assists its clients in:

• the negotiation, the drafting, the execution, the termination and / or the modification of employment contracts;
• the individual and/or collective dismissal procedures;
• the employment guide lines;
• the international transfer of employees,
• the setting up of remuneration / bonus plans;
• labour law litigations.

MMV-AVOCATS also advises its clients on handling the consequences for employees of company mergers (transfers of personnel, harmonisation of pay schemes and conditions of employment, etc.).

MMV-AVOCATS also assists directors on questions concerning their employment status and the responsibilities of the company director. It advises them on the challenges of combining a corporate appointment with an employment contract and helps them to set up unemployment cover before they lose their position.

Finally, MMV-AVOCATS provides operational support and day-to-day monitoring of all matters associated with employment law.

By taking a cross-cutting approach to the situations presented, MMV-AVOCATS anticipates and reconciles problems resulting from the specific environment created by employment law and social law, for example, in the light of company law and tax law.

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MMV-AVOCATS intervenes in problems of economic law, particularly associated with contracts, distribution and its organisation, and competition.

MMV-AVOCATS accompanies its clients when it comes to managing and optimising their contractual organisation, organising and validating their distribution techniques and compliance with competition law in a French and international environment.

The firm assists its clients with negotiating, drawing up, evaluating, managing and terminating their contracts. The Firm works with many contracts of all types, both nationally and in a purely international context.

MMV-AVOCATS assists with drawing up contracts of sale, distribution, supply and brand licensing, general conditions of sale and purchase, and commercial leases.

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MMV-AVOCATS also works alongside its clients in litigation arising both from the performance of their tasks and responsibilities and from their relationships with third parties.

MMV-AVOCATS defends the interests of its clients in civil, commercial and industrial courts.

MMV-AVOCATS also advises its clients on the amicable settlement of disputes and provides safeguards for transactions between the parties.

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The dual French/Swedish culture of its founder allows MMV-AVOCATS to serve that segment of the firm’s clients operating in Franco-Nordic markets and to offer a platform of personalised services, which puts MMV-AVOCATS among the leading firms of lawyers particularly for Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian companies established or trading in France.

MMV-AVOCATS works in collaboration with other law firms belonging to the international EuréseaU network, of 25 firms in 25 countries:

Germany, Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Cyprus, Colombia, Croatia, USA, Finland, United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine.

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