Jacques MERRET, born 1963
Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Partner.

A graduate of Université Paris II - Panthéon Assas in business law and taxation, Jacques Merret began his career in 1987 with an international law firm specialising in business law, going on to join the Corporate Law department at Price Waterhouse, where he acquired solid experience with both smaller companies and international groups.

Having started his own firm in 1995, Jacques Merret then decided to pursue his business with the firm MMV-AVOCATS, of which he is the CIO, the founder and a partner.

Jacques Merret’s professional practice focuses mainly on providing legal advice on company law (establishments, creations, mergers, acquisitions), business law (commercial contracts, joint ventures) and employment law.

With an interest in the paper, food, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, furniture, packaging and high-tech industries and in insurance, reinsurance, banking and sales, for more than twenty years Jacques Merret has assisted and represented many companies undergoing establishment, expansion or reorganisation.

With his French/Swedish background, Jacques Merret has solid experience of business, which he deploys for the benefit of French, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, British and Dutch companies, as well as US and Chinese  companies, providing support for their projects.

Jacques Merret’s working languages are French, Swedish, English and German.

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François-Xavier MARTIN-VIVIER, born 1971
Lawyer at the Paris Bar, Partner.

A graduate of Université Paris II - Panthéon Assas in business law and taxation and Université Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne in foreign trade law, François-Xavier Martin-Vivier participated in the founding of MMV-AVOCATS, in which he is a partner, after joining Jacques Merret’s firm in 1999.

The professional practice of François-Xavier Martin-Vivier is geared towards company law, contract law, employment law and civil, commercial and social litigation, which he manages.

François-Xavier Martin-Vivier manages the litigation activities of the firm and provides his expertise within all matters relating to business law, corporate law, labour law.

François-Xavier Martin-Vivier is also Educator at the University Paris IV Sorbonne.

François-Xavier Martin-Vivier’s working languages are French and English.

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